I think I have always wanted to be a writer. I remember dozens of long-lost journals in my youth but the tedium of actually writing long hand put me off. It’s just not the way I write, I couldn’t get to grips with it. When I studied for my art degree in 2003, I was living in a van and I didn’t have a laptop at the beginning. I remember having to spend all weekend on my art history essays with sentences cut out on a piece of paper and rearranged on my bed. Having digital cut and paste has been a revelation!

Now I know for a fact that dreams can come true because a nightmare was realized in December 2018, when my soulmate, rock, and husband, Keef, died of cancer. When things like that happen, it makes you question everything occurring in your own life.

I’m usually an artist but the emotional shock meant I had to withdraw to a place where I felt safe, inspired and alive, Mexico. I travelled to a fair few places all over the country when I was here for about a year and a half from early July 1999. I have been wanting to revisit for years now, so coming back feels like home, a place to heal and to re-discover what the meaning of my life is. And so I have started to write.

Whether you believe in synchronicity or even acknowledge some larger pattern, magic happens here. The people and places I’m connecting with are awe inspiring, powerful and relevant. What inspires me about Mexico are the skulls and flowers, the syncretic religions and the reverence for magic and the occult, the arts and crafts aesthetic, the warmth of the people and the place, and all served up with the most incredible food, the ingredients of which Mexicans have a deep spiritual connection.

Other sources of inspiration for me are travelling in general, the environment, magick, art, festivals and alternative culture.